The Forest of Stories (Mahabharata, #1)

The Forest of Stories (Mahabharata, #1)The Forest of Stories by Ashok K. Banker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The MBA series by Ashok K Banker was recommended by one of my friends in one of the forums. We were discussing about the books based on the theme of Mahabharata & she told me about MBA series. I personally went through the reviews & bought one from Flipkart. As told by my friend the narration & writing style of the writer is quite good. This is my first book written by this writer and I’m quite impressed with the way he has narrated the parts of the epic poem.
I had some gaps regarding the story of Parasurama but the book has helped me to fills those gaps & reminded me of many more other stories, parts which were told by my grandmom whem I was a child like the tale of Garuda & his mother’s enslavement by their cousins the Nagas, Churning of the sea for Ambrosia better known as ‘Samudra Manathan’ & the wars followed by it and many more.
Will definitely grab the 2nd part of the series “Seeds of War”

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