“Please……please help me….,” she hoped the other person will help her.

“Just stayyyy where you are? I am jusht having some…… funns with this beauty here. Just mind your own busi…businessss,” the man holding her slurred to the other man.

The lights of the lift started to flicker again and in the brief seconds of light she figured out that she was all wrong. It was not the man with the red eyes holding her; it was the other man who gave her cheesy smile. The lights finally came and the lift moved down again.

“Just take your dirty hands off her or otherwise,” the man with the deep voice she mistook threatened the other man taking a step forward taking his hood down to uncover his face. Her mind raced thinking where she saw that man. She was sure she saw him before, where she could not recall though.

“Whats…will doh huh…will ya…hit me..?”

“No. I don’t want to make my hands dirty by touching you. Perhaps this will help,” he pulled out a  gun from his back pointing it towards the man.

She was fighting hard not to faint at this situation….at one end she is wincing in pain in the tight hold of a perv and on the other hand a mysterious man stood in front of them with a gun.

‘How will she come out of this messy situation?’

About Hemangi

A voracious reader and writer of fan fictions.
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