Who’s there….??



I watched my aunts’ pale face and laughed at what my aunt just said. I know it is not polite of me to laugh at my aunt’s distress after visiting her after a decade but I could not help it. Maybe the cool night air tickled my funny senses. Seriously even after being educated I still could not believe that my aunt believes in ghosts and stuffs. But when she told me whose ghost she was referring to, it was my turn to get white as a sheet. This could not be. But something strange did happen with me while coming to my home. I cannot deny the strange sensations I felt and the company I got while coming here. My savior; my guide who led me to my house through twisting maze of muddy narrow roads which I shamefully forgot was not real. Was that an illusion or an apparition, my brain muddled over it? A part of my brain stubbornly refused to think down the lane but why my skin till tingled with the thought, making my heart thump erratically.

Did I really encounter a ghost??

About Hemangi

A voracious reader and writer of fan fictions.
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