Chapter 1

“God…such a jerk. Why did I even agree to go with him in the party??”

Jiya Vaid was cursing herself for agreeing to go on a date with her one time college friend Aakash, after they suddenly met in one of their common friend’s wedding reception a week earlier.  Aakash took Jiya to a casual-theme party hosted by one his friends who returned from abroad recently. Jiya was feeling like an outsider in the party among the unknown faces but she hoped Aakash would give her company. But after a quick introduction to his friends he disappeared.  Jiya was searching for him so that he can drop her home as it was late, not to mention her mom frequently called her to get back to her cousin Avni’s home. But when Jiya finally spotted Aakash, she didn’t expect she will find him canoodling a scantily clad girl all drunk.  He not only flatly refused to drop her home but also pulled her close to him and groped her body. After splashing a jug of orange juice with vodka and swearing she finally rushed out of the party.

“God…the lifts are busy at this hour too,” Jiya was getting impatient waiting for the lift in 27th floor. She finally decided to take the stairs down hoping to take the lift some floors down. She was having difficulty climbing down with her heels almost slipping in the stairs twice when her phone rang.

Yes, Ma I am on my way. No, I will take a taxi. I will reach Avni’s home” she looked at her watch, “within 30 min…..” Bump…flop….ouch. Jiya bumped into a tall muscular built man wearing dark blue jeans and black hooded jacket his face almost covered with the hood over his head. She dropped her phone and purse, now opened with her things spread out in the carpet. Her heels slipped in the carpet & she fell on her back.

“Hey…can’t you see where you are going?” The man however didn’t stop and continued his way. Jiya was already in a bad mood and the man’s indifferent attitude angered her more and she burst out.

“Do you think you own this place? You just bump and let the person fall and you don’t have a decency to help the person out. Don’t you have any manners?” The man stopped in his tracks just a few meters away from her and turned his head over his right shoulder. Jiya’s tongue froze immediately when she saw the man’s red piercing eyes now gazing her from top to bottom. Jiya heart started thumping rapidly and all sorts of odd possibilities came to her mind. She was relieved when the man turned and continued his way after some time. After a few deep breaths she started to pick up her things.

“Woah….his eyes were scary. It looks like today is the day of meeting jerks,” she muttered.

She continued climbing downstairs and stopped on the 22nd floor when she heard the chime of a lift opening on that floor. She immediately rushed and got inside the lift but to her dismay the same man entered the lift after her. A cold chill when down her spine; her mind told her to get out but her legs seems to have frozen there. A man of medium height a bit of pot-bellied possibly in his mid-forties with specs entered the lift just before the doors closed. The man looked at Jiya and gave her a cheesy smile which she found strange but was relief that atleast she was not alone in that lift with the scary man.

The lift didn’t stop in between the floors and it glided down the multi-storied building fast and Jiya hoped to catch a taxi soon and rush to Avni’s home, freshen up and snuggle down to bed. But God seems to have decided to delay her plans as the lift suddenly stopped in between 15th & 16th floor and the lights inside flickered for a few seconds before it went all dark.

“What…..what happened to the lift? Why did it stopped all of a sudden? God…its so dark here,” Jiya panicked and moved within the lift.

“Calm down, it must be some technical problem. The whole building is setting up a new security system that’s why most of the lifts are not operating today. The lift will start soon,” a deep muscular voice spoke to her.   Even in the panic situation, she found the deep voice perfect and intriguing which however, she assumed to be the voice of the man in his mid-forties.

Though Jiya was not claustrophobic but she was feeling uneasy to breathe there. She suddenly felt a large hand moving down her back to her waist and rested in her butt.

“Just move your hand from my butt, you perv,” Jiya shouted assuming it to be the man with red eyes. It was pitch dark inside and the man took full advantage of it. Instead of moving his hands off he squeezed her butt. She screamed and the other man inquired about it.

“Is he hurting you?” the man with the deep voice asked.

Just then the lift moved down a little with a strong jerk and Jiya lost her balance, the man now pulled her to his arms tightly his mouth releasing the breath of alcohol.

“Just….just leave me,” anger and pain evident in her voice she struggled hard and beat him in his chest with her hands to release herself from his hold but to no avail.

“Please……please help me….,” she hoped the other person will help her.

“Just stayyyy where you are? I am jusht having some…… funns with this beauty here. Just mind your own busi…businessss,” the man holding her slurred to the other man.

The lights of the lift started to flicker again and in the brief seconds of light she figured out that she was all wrong. It was not the man with the red eyes holding her; it was the other man who gave her cheesy smile. The lights finally came and the lift moved down again.

“Just take your dirty hands off her or otherwise,” the man with the deep voice Jiya mistook threatened the other man taking a step forward taking his hood down to uncover his face. Jiya’s mind raced thinking where she saw that man. She was sure she saw him before, where she could not recall though.

“Whats…will doh huh…will ya…hit me..?”

“No. I don’t want to make my hands dirty by touching you. Perhaps this will help,” he pulled out a gun from his back pointing it towards the man.

Jiya was fighting hard not to faint at this situation….at one end she is wincing in pain in the tight hold of a perv and on the other hand a handsome man stood in front of them with a gun.

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