Who’s there….????


Chapter One

Some things never change. I thought pollution and global warming has affected these parts too. But I am glad that my native place welcomed me with the same nature’s embrace as it bid me farewell 10 years ago. After being delayed by 5 hours followed by a tedious journey in a juggad, a pleasant night walk through the greenery was a welcome respite for my cramped limbs. But my luck seemed to have crossed with me. As soon as I crossed a narrow bridge, lights went out enveloping me in a blanket of sudden darkness. I stopped adjusting my eyes to this new change. Thankfully the moonlight provided a dim light to make out my way. I took slow steps looking at the bright yellow eyes piercing me from above an extended branch of a big oak tree. I stared back, instinctively knowing the nature of this nocturnal creature. The owl stared at me for a full minute as if he is utterly displeased for trespassing his area. The staring continued until the owl stooped down abruptly and flew over my head hooting away disturbing the night’s stillness. I released my breath and continued forward.

I reached the crossroads, one of them looked less-worn and unfortunately it was the shortest route I could remember. I trudged onward the road full of tufts of grass. My feet eating away the distance until I could see the outline of the two storied dilapidated hospital building. I stopped in my tracks taking in the faint white visage of the now abandoned hospital. I squinted at the topmost floor of the building still shrouding in darkness as I looked at it years ago. I always felt someone is watching me from there giving me chills. I chuckled recollecting those days, I was not that daring as I claim to be. I was not even twenty when I left to seek richer and more lucrative avenues than staying back here and manage the ancestral estate. But as daringly I decided to move out, I used to quiver taking this path especially after the dark. I looked at the building and momentarily saw a floating form in white. I was rooted to the spot, squinting my eyes, looking at what I just saw was not my imagination. But indeed it somewhat resembled a human form and it is real. And the worst thing is, it is moving towards me.

About Hemangi

A voracious reader and writer of fan fictions.
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