Chapter 2

Her heart beat faster as if it will explode any moment. She could not stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks. Her body went cold and stiff. Slowly her vision became hazy.

“Do you want me to pull a bullet at your dirty brain or….,” the man moved down his gun down towards the groin, “you want me to pull out somewhere else,” the man switched on the safety lock of his gun.

The man’s demeanor changed instantly to a scary cat, all sweaty and panicky being at the gun point. His grip on Jiya’s waist loosened and he slowly stepped aside from Jiya away from the gun point. “Hey….lets…lets take it easy…okay,” he lifted his both hands in mid-air in surrender with his big glistening eyes pleading for mercy.

The lift was about to reach 7th floor when the man with the gun hit the button of the next floor. The door of the lift opened in the 6th floor. “Get out of here before I blow you off.” The man grabbed his bag and quickly made his exit from the lift. The doors closed moving down again. He turned back to look at her. Jiya was too shocked to realize what happened. She was scared to death when she saw the man pulling his gun. Her brain stopped working seeing all these.

“Hey…are you alright?”

“Huh…please…please don’t …..don’t hurt me…,” her voice cracked with fear as she looked at his hand still carrying the gun.

The man realized she was scared and he quickly put the gun away from her sight. Jiya’s eyesight became hazy and she was about to fall when she felt two huge hands grabbing her arms. Not to touch her inappropriately but to support her, to calm her down.

“Just breathe….everything will be fine,” said the man.

A few deep breathes helped her to stable her heart beats and she looked up into his eyes, deep dark brown intense eyes. Although at first she was scared by those red puffy eyes but now when she was so close to him she found those same eyes comforting her, intriguing her, messing up her head to a different level. The warmth of his hands seeping through the thin material of her black shrug to her skin giving unusual vibes down her body she never felt before.

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A voracious reader and writer of fan fictions.
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