Chapter 3

Wake up Wake up Rise & Shine…. “Now why is he telling me to wake up? I am wide awake.”

Wake up Wake up….”Jiya beta wake up. You said you don’t want to be late for today’s big interview,” said Rohila walking across her room & drawing the curtains to let the light in.

“Why am I hearing Ma calling me? When did she come here?”

Wake up Wake up….”Jiya….,” Rohila shouted, “….now wake up your alarm is ringing for past 20 minutes.”

“Interview….,” Jiya opened her eyes and sat up on her bed, “Interview. God…I have the interview today……and I was dreaming about him,” Jiya said the last words in a whisper.

“Now get up and take your bath. I will prepare a heavy breakfast. It will be a long day for you,” Rohila said before exiting out of the room towards the kitchen.

Jiya climbed down from her bed went to the bathroom to a take a quick shower. Fountain of water droplets from the showerhead was flowing down in her fair smooth bare skin. “I shouldn’t be dreaming of him today. I can’t let go this interview down the drain by fantasizing about him even if he’s the super boss of this multibillionaire company.”  

“Jiya beta what is taking you so long? Come out, your breakfast is getting cold.”

“Stop messing up with your head, you dumb girl,” she scolded herself and turned off the shower and dried herself wearing her business formals & minimal make up before heading to the dining table.

“Ma…. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I have never seen you so lost & nervous before going for any interview. So what happen today? You were confident yesterday and you prepared yourself well.”

“Nothing Ma….I am fine. I just need to rush now. I don’t want to get late by getting stuck in the traffic.” She rushed out of her home before picking up her purse and portfolio.

“Best of luck. Don’t forget to stop and pray in the temple enroute, Jiya.”

“Okay Ma I will do pray to him. Bye Ma.”

She did not want to linger much when her mother is bombarding her with questions regarding her dreamy self. After all what will she say to her mother, that the man who saved her in the lift from a perv 18 months before, who sometimes raids her dreams, is going to take the interview today. She swallowed hard thinking about the last part when her phone rang.

“All the best for your interview Jiya,” said Avni from the other end of the phone.

“Err…thanks Avni.”

“You are not doing well are you? Did you see him again in your dream?”

“Well….yeah I did. I don’t know maybe because I saw lots of his pictures while going through their company website to prepare myself for the final time.”

“Don’t stress yourself okay. You know how big this interview is. If you will get this job, the financial problems you all are going through will ease slowly. You simply can’t mess this up Jiya,” Avni replied in a calm tone.

Jiya sighed and continued, “I know, I can’t take risk with this job. I will not let my fantasies come in my way in this interview. Thanks for your support dear.”

“I will be always there for you dear. And when you will get this job I want a big treat maybe pizza with extra cheese….not your usual samosa and ice cream treat. Deal,” replied Avni in tone full of mischief.

A smile came across Jiya’s lips, “Deal, you greedy pig.”

“And yes I want all the juicy details right from when you saw him in the interview panel till the end.”

“Alright meri Amma,” replied Jiya before ending the call.


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