Chapter 4

Jiya reached the head office of Sanyal Group of Companies designed and finished by the most modern office furnishings with a combination of navy blue theme, steel & glass fittings all ordered from abroad.  Jiya reached 15th floor of the building and after going through initial proceedings by the HR executives. She was finally sent to the waiting lounge in the 18th floor, which was already occupied by other final round candidates. Jiya was scheduled last in the candidate list for the post of Executive Marketing Head (Western Region). Jiya was pinning high hopes for this post, not because she will be posted in her residential city Mumbai but she will be working with one of the best organization around the globe in her field with a very good compensation package. This will be a huge and important milestone in her career.
The fifth candidate just came out of the boardroom all sweaty and battered after presenting himself. Jiya knows how these final interviews are. They are scary with all the expert’s eyes drawn upon you together noticing your every step, every move; every word you speak, bombarding questions upon you, putting on pressure to know how one can handle. “Damn Scary!” she thought.
Time ticked away and she realized the sixth candidate has gone in for almost 20 minutes. Jiya’s heart thudded fast. She was next. She thought of distracting her thoughts somewhere else so she grabbed a business magazine from a nearby magazine stand. And what luck she picked up the one having the cover story of Kabir Sanyal as the businessman of the year.
“God! Not again.” After that incident in the lift Jiya often wondered why a CEO of a multibillion company was doing there looking like a ruffian carrying a gun with him. It was this thought that later took over her dreams and she started fantasizing about him. She flicked through the pages of the magazine while her mind raced with thoughts. “Will he recognize me when he sees me? Don’t be a fool Jiya. He must have met thousands of girls like you within these 18 months and why would he remember you, nothing memorable happened between you two.”
“Miss Jiya Vaid,” one of the female HR executives called her breaking her thoughts.
“Miss Vaid, get ready you will be called in within next 2 minutes.”
Jiya nodded and she stood from her place, picking up her purse and portfolio she went near the huge dark blue polished door behind where her future will be decided within next 1 hour. Jiya wiped her sweaty palms over her black pencil skirt and took a deep breath and opened the door on the HR executive’s cue.
She entered the room and the first thing she knew was her eyes got locked with the same intense dark brown eyes she met 18 months ago.



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