Chapter 5

Her eyes locked with the same deep brown intense eyes she met 18 months ago. Her vision seems to have blurred the others present in the room. His eyes were not red & puffy as she saw 18 months ago but it was intense and dreamy. Her eyes moved over his face. He was clean shaven today a complete suave corporate look not the rugged stubble look she saw that day.

“God…is he looking at me. Hope my legs do not wobble now.”

“Miss Vaid. If you could please take your seat here so we can proceed further with your interview,” a firm female voice brought back Jiya to the present world. Jiya realized her mouth was a bit open awing looking at her fantasy man in front of her. “Great! What a first impression? A daydreamer. Jiya get your head straight.”

Jiya moved to the only empty seat in the boardroom placed opposite to interviewers seated in a semi-circle, Kabir seated in the middle of the interviewers. Jiya could feel Kabir’s gaze upon her; his constant gaze doing funny things inside her. Jiya decided to avoid looking at him otherwise she will definitely get distracted.

Jiya started well off by presenting herself with her projects she has worked on earlier, her experience in the marketing field with her achievements. Although she was hailed with questions from many members especially from the lady with steely voice and piercing eyes who Jiya called ‘I know it all’ in her mind. She even gave her unique ideas when asked to do a mock presentation gaining approving nods from most of the members present in the panel.

“Sir, we are done. Would you like to ask Ms. Vaid any questions?”

Jiya had no other option but now had to look at him. “Be calm Jiya. Don’t mess it up.”

Kabir who silently watched and listened to her all this while will finally speak to her. “Ms. Jiya Vaid,” Kabir started moving away his gaze from Jiya to her profile before him.”

“Wow…my name sounds so dreamy in his husky voice. What….there I am losing again?”

“Ms. Vaid I am impressed with your resume. You have all the necessary skills and requirements we are looking for this post. But…..”

“But. But what?”

“But I would like to know only one thing from you. Kabir asked in a smooth voice, “Are you ready to submit yourself to me?”

“Submit myself to him. What does he mean by that? What kind of submission does he want from me? My full sincere submission in working or……..” Jiya noticed the change of expressions in many interviewers present there especially the ‘I know it all’ lady wore the expression of utter shock. She heard a few members clearing their throats not able to look at their boss. Their boss whose gaze was only on her.

“You said at present you are the only earner in your family with your mother and twin siblings. Do you know this job requires you to do frequent travel both in India and abroad for all marketing and PR projects. Is your family okay with you working late night and travelling most of the time?”

“Ms. Vaid this post requires someone who dedicates wholly in the projects. Some of which I will personally lead and I don’t want any team members having any family issues hampering their work. I want your full submission in the work if I choose you in my team.”  Kabir paused and continued in a demanding tone. “And when I mean full submission I mean it. I don’t want any damn lame excuses. So…are you ready for this challenge Ms. Vaid?”

“Of course he means full submission in work. Why are you bringing out a double meaning? Silly Girl!”

“Yes. I will,” Jiya replied confidently without any second thought.

Kabir lips turned into a lopsided grin from her response. “Great Ms. Vaid. Thank You for coming. We will let you know of our decision tomorrow.”

As etiquette requires Jiya gave final greetings to all before leaving. She could feel Kabir’s gaze on her back & she heavily sighed on the other side of the door. “That was one hell of an interview.”


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