Chapter 6

Tring Tring….“Yes Avni.”

“Should I get ready for my pizza treat?”

“What? No Avni. I am yet to get the final confirmation call from them. Tell your ever hungry tummy to wait until tomorrow.”

“Aaha… you are confident that you will get the job. You must have rocked the interview.”

“Errr…..not exactly”

“What do you mean by that? Don’t tell me you went to your dream mode seeing him.”

“Well….err…I almost….but I controlled myself and presented myself confidently until he…., I will tell you all when I get back home.”

“No…you won’t. Tonight stay at my place. I want all the juicy details from you in person. I will call Rohila Mausi that you will be in my place tonight.”

“God….no. I don’t want to get tortured tonight by your incessant lectures and imaginations.”

“Fine. I will tell Mausi about your fantasy man who may be going to be your future boss and……,”

“You blackmailer,” Jiya cut Avni in between. “Alright I will reach your place within 20 minutes. Bye you mean girl,” Jiya heard Avni chuckling over the other end before she ended the call.


About Hemangi

A voracious reader and writer of fan fictions.
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