Chapter 7

It was seven past thirty; Kabir was still in his cabin staring the city life buzzing across the streets through the floor to ceiling glass wall in one side of his sophisticatedly designed cabin with the combination of dark chocolate brown and black with few hints of beige in the office furnishings; reflecting a man’s taste. The walls adorned with the achievements of his  and his father’s hard work, the stylishly designed glass shelves was mostly stacked with the business awards won by them and the company for their outstanding performance in the business world.

Sipping his favourite brand of Scotch whisky, Kabir was enjoying the serenity inside his cabin when he heard a knock at his door. “Come in.”

Martha his personal assistant, a widow in her early fifties came in with some files. “Sir, these are the files of the selected final candidates you have asked for.”

Kabir moved towards his desk and said, “Thanks Martha. Did you inform the HR department to issue the appointment letters within next seven days?”

“Yes Sir, they have already started the final background check of the selected candidates. They will start calling the candidates confirming about their selection from tomorrow.”

“Alright, just inform them to give me top-up mail on the candidates’ team allotment; I may do some re-shuffling after going through their files.”

“As you say Sir.”

“Its late Martha, you should better get back home, your son Tony must be waiting for you.”

“Don’t worry Sir, he’s now used to waiting for me late night. Anyways Goodnight Sir. See you tomorrow.”

After Martha left his cabin, Kabir sat on his comfortable black swiveling seat keeping his arms in the armrest of the chair. He picked the files and started sorting it in two groups. When he came across Jiya’s file, he kept it aside without reading it further. He completed sorting out the files in the two groups within next 40 minutes. He finally picked Jiya’s file and looked at her corporate suited picture for few minutes his minds racing with thoughts. He closed the file and along with some other official files, he headed back to his home.

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A voracious reader and writer of fan fictions.
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