Chapter 8

The doorbell rang in Avni’s house. Woof Woof….came the response from the other end.

“Hey Bella slow down, its must be your Jiya Di at the door,” Jiya heard Avni replying to her dog.

Bella a female beagle wagged her tail on seeing Jiya at the doorstep. “How’s the interview Ms. Dreamer?”

“It was fine,” said Jiya while bending down to Bella and gave her a good scratch near her ears.

“Let’s discuss the famous interview with your Mr. Fantasy Boss over a cup of coffee. Freshen up while make some.”

Jiya freshen up and wore her spare clothes left in Avni’s house for her occasional night stay. Avni brought two mugs of piping hot coffee along with some homemade cookies. “When is Rumi Mausi returning?” Jiya asked after taking a few sips of coffee.

“Ma said she will come next month. Neetu Bhabhi is still weak recovering from the child birth. And Ma is not willing to be away from her first grandson.”

“So the new Avni Bua has to stay alone for another one month.”

“Who said I will be alone? Ma said she will call Rohila Mausi to let you stay with me still she returns. Moreover, your new office will be much nearer from my home.”

“I would prefer to travel that extra distance rather than being the scapegoat of hearing your imaginations.”

“Aah….ha… look who’s talking. You are the one who imagines of her fantasy man even in her interview. Now out with all the details.”

Jiya told Avni everything about the interview including her thoughts. “What? Are you serious? Who asks a question of…..of submission…..of your submission to him in an interview? I tell you Jiya, this fantasy man of yours is pretty suspicious. Be careful with him if you are on with this job.”

“I know I was shocked myself. But I don’t know why I responded positively to his question before he gave me a lopsided seductive grin.”

“You know Jiya, first you have to reason with your brain and heart and then face him again.”


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