Chapter 9

Kabir’s mind was restless; he took a long drive before deciding to spend the night in his pent house apartment in opposite side of his home.

 “Kabir baba what would you like for dinner?” asked an elderly servant in his fifties when he saw Kabir walking into the kitchen for some water.

“Just order my usual Chinese take-out kaka. You can leave after 1/2 hour when its delivered. I need to be all alone now.”

“As you say Kabir baba.”

Loosening the knot of his tie and pulling up the sleeves of his expensive white shirt, he plopped on the dark grey couch in his media room. He rested his head back in the couch. He was still restless; even the long drive didn’t help him. He switched on his big screen TV flipping over the channels to watch something but nothing seems to interest him.

“What the hell was I thinking? Asking to submit herself to me. What must be she thinking about me? But….why was I so glad when she responded me positively? Why?”

He shut his eyes and flashes of the past incident came before him. He was so angry with himself that day; his blood was boiling, his cells were exploding when he faced her, his past. His past that harden him; the wound in his heart never to be healed. To flush his past memories out of his mind, he went to his favourite joint of shooting range carrying his licensed pistol with him. Though a bit calm after his shooting practice, he bumped into Jiya in the stairs half immersed in thoughts. He saw Jiya for the first time angry with him for letting her fall. He did not help her to get up not because she spoke to him angrily but she reminded him of someone in his past. He decided to scoot off from there before he does anything mad. But destiny had other plan for him when he stepped into the same lift after Jiya and he had no other option as none of the other lifts are working that day. What happened later he couldn’t have dreamt ever? Although he seriously wanted to pull a bullet over that dirty man’s hands touching her but he never thought that her eyes will pull him towards the same depth of the ocean that he once swam and later drowned himself in it. Neither spoke a word to each other nor did he asked her name before she left the place flustered. He lain for several nights thinking about those  eyes; he even searched for her in the same place, but searching a person without a photo and name was fruitless until he found her in the list of final candidates applying in the special recruitment posts of his company. Now that he found her, he will make sure to find his answers that why she reminded him of Sherlyn?

He was pulled out his thoughts when his phone rang. His lips turned into a slight curve when he saw the caller id.

“Bhai, where are you?” Kunal responded from the other end before Kabir could greet him.

“Kunal I am at my penthouse apartment.”

“What….. are you not coming to home tonight?”

“No. I went for a long drive and came over here. Now tell me when did you return from Delhi? If you had called me I would have headed home instead of coming here.”

“I tried calling you but your number came busy as usual.”

“Never heard of a service called SMS.”

“You know Bhai, I feel too bore in typing a sms.” Kabir let out a small laugh through his throat.

“Tell me Bhai, who’s the girl invading your thoughts now?”

“Wh…what? Kunal what are you saying?”

“Oh I know you well Bhai. Whenever you go to your penthouse after a long drive there must be only two things going inside your head. Either business or woman. Since we have no such important business issues or deals right now so definitely it must be a woman. So who is she? Are you giving her a hard time or she giving you one?”

“Acting smart with your Bhai* huh…,” Kabir replied looking at Jiya’s file opened near him in the couch.

“I am smart Bhai….”

“Yeah….smart enough to escape from the attack of mom and Kriti regarding suitable match for you,” Kabir cut him in between.

“Bhai, you knew that,” Kunal asked when he heard his brother laughing from the other end.”

“Well….I guessed it. All the best with it my little bro.”

*Bhai – Brother in Hindi


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