Against the Tide

Against the TideAgainst the Tide by Elizabeth Camden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My first book from the author and I was completely enthralled with the entire story and narration.
I liked how the author has taken care of finer points and threads described at the beginning of the story how she woven those during crucial time and plots. Coming to characters, the female protagonist’s (Lydia) struggle and challenges with a talent for learning languages and working in the US Navy in the late 19th Century is what riveted my interest to this book. Orphaned as a child who just started her schooling, Lydia’s determination to learn and secure her future with hard work tell a lot about her will and character. To be honest, I was still not sure who the male protagonist will be until I read the next few chapters. The way the Admiral Fontaine helped Lydia made me think he was the lead. However, further reading made it clear how Bane with all his flaws, wits and charms wormed his way into Lydia’s life.
I am happy I came across this book as the story also taught me some of the historical facts about the opium trade in US. The story also gave me insight regarding the a drug addicts’ struggle from withdrawal during rehabilitation. I would definitely recommend this book who prefer works on social issues, struggles and hunger for historical facts.

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